Join us for an Authentic Italian Cooking Class at New Kent Winery with Wine Pairings!

Join Chefs Jessica Crockett & Joe DeFazio, Wednesday September 12 from 11am-2pm in the Barrel Room at New Kent Winery for an “Authentic Italian” cooking class experience. We’ll be providing recipes, demonstrations & gourmet food while New Kent Winery will provide the paired wines. Food includes eggplant caponatina, chicken tuscany and creamy rose panna cotta. RSVP to 932-8240 or Hope to see you there!

So, How's Business?

The economy over the last two years has made us stronger, more creative, more cost conscience and more aggressive in our marketing efforts. We constantly strive to develop new customers from within our current corporate, private and civic base. Our referrals from associates, friends and other businesses are greatly appreciated and an essential ingredient necessary to our continued growth. Thank you.

Coleen Smith whom most of you deal with has done an exemplary job managing our corporate clients. Her fast response is often complimented. Her attention to detail has in no small way played a major role in our customer satisfaction and retention.  She has also proven herself a highly regarded wedding planner. We have proudly quadrupled the number of weddings that we did just three years ago.

Chef Ladale’s dedication to consistency, quality and presentation has been the backbone in customer satisfaction. Together he and his staff are in constant pursuit of healthy, nutritious and affordable menu offerings.  Many of our monthly specials have been customer inspired.  So let us know what you would like to see featured.

On the creative front, I have recently developed an all new, very exciting menu entitled “On Call Hors d oeuvres which can be found on our website.  Also in keeping with the times, we have a Facebook fan page and I have begun writing a few foodie blogs which has spawned a new ladies group called “Wives with Knives”. You can read all about it on our web page under blogs.  It’s gathering lots of interest.

The future is green and we’re trying to do our part. We try to buy recycled materials and will be happy to pick up your plastic trays, bowls, lids, etc. just let us know. We also offer a limited line of green, earth friendly serving products.

During the holidays…between the parties…not my fav

What’s for dinner? The question is simple enough, except during the holidays. We are either over run with leftovers from the office party or relegated to reheat what remnants are left from our holiday family soiree.  Even worse, what do we do when the cupboard is bare, the frig is empty and everyone is looking to you for the magic meal that they have become accustom to.
No one realizes how many nights you are compelled to leave work and proceed with a checklist of errands that would qualify you for a UPS position? It’s easy for the family to forget that you’re in charge of, well, everything  from the tree to  all of the decorations, untold commitments to your church, boosters, book club and heaven knows what other obligations we may have forgotten especially after the 2nd glass of wine.

The holidays are not supposed to be stressful and dinner should be the answer- not the problem. Without sounding like Dr. Phil,  there is never a better time to get everyone to the table and enjoy what I call  “easy food”, not fast food, not delivery food, not frozen food (unless you cooked it and froze it for just the occasion; which I strongly recommend).

Pasta, virgin oil, a tomato, some garlic and preferably some fresh parsley and/or basil is all you need. Dinner can be on the table as fast as someone can get the plates out. Now this does not mean that a salad wouldn’t be a nice addition, however a good dish of pasta is fast and easy and it can be found in almost every house anytime, anywhere, you just have to look for it!

Thanks for stopping by… Joe.

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