Wives With Knives Recap

We had SUCH a fabulous time at the 1st ever Wives with Knives event! If you didn’t make it, here is what you missed:

Why we are here…….
-    Because we all share a lust and love for the “Good Stuff “- good food, good wine, good restaurants, good company
-    Because we are all very social – we love to mingle and meet while we nibble and drink
-    Because we want to play with knives……skillfully !
-    Because we like SPECIAL and we get special privileges, special treatment, special prices-
-    Because it’s a cute name, the wine is FREE! And we get a knife and a plant!!!
Wives with Knives Benefits
-    Knife skills lessons
-    Free knife sharpening
-    Wholesale pricing for new knives
-     Platters and equipment available
-    Catering discounts from 10% – 30% off
-    Special ordering of hard to find products
-    Personal advice from the Chef – call or email
-     Wine purchases at cost + 10%
-    25% discount for private parties in DeFazio’s Kitchen (excludes Corporate Team Building)
-    DeFazio Reward Dollars (May be used towards purchasing food, wine, catering,  rent a waiter/bartender, other catering services.)
-    $200 for a bridal referral
-    $25 for shower referral
-    $50 for rehearsal dinner referral
-    $50 for referring a private customer
-    $100 for referring a new corporate customer
-    $50 for the best new hors d oeuvres recipe
When is Our Next Social?
July 27th and October 26th (so mark your calendars and reserve your spot!)
Are we under any obligation?
Absolutely not, only to have fun!
Is there a charge?  Not for our quarterly meetings .  It’s all about fun, food and FREE**
**Cooking classes – wine dinners – wine tastings, couples cooking class, trips to Italy, etc. will        have charges, of course.
How many “Wives with Knives “may attend?
Approximately 30 (more if we have a tent party or when we have grilling lessons).  Some classes and special dinners may be limited due to space constraints, etc.

If you missed this one and you can’t wait for the next one, don’t forget to mark your calendars for July 27th.  The theme will be all about GRILLING. Can’t wait to see you there!

Salute to Spring DeFazio Style

Hello to all my foodie friends, my beloved customers, and my social network Fans. Finally…….drum roll please…… we have selected a date for DeFazio’s first official “Wives with Knives” quarterly social. Wednesday April 13, 2011

You are cordially invited to have a great time:

DeFazio’s Kitchen 2601 Tuckernuck Drive Richmond 23294
Join me and my staff along with other adventurous Foodies for a perfect, after work, salute to spring. There is no agenda and there is no charge except to meet new folks who share a love for The Good Stuff- and this time it’s all Italian.

We will taste, sample, and pair regional Italian wines including Prosecco to some of Italy’s premier cheese’s, We will –of course- play with knives, and offer expert instruction on basic knife skills.

It’s all Free;
why? I say why not, we have all been cooped up all winter long, we all have been budget conscience, we all have been weight conscience ( at least the real foodies have) I say let’s celebrate DeFazio style. Come meet some new folks, share some recipes, drink some wine, eat some cheese, break some bread and play with knives in our 2700 sq ft kitchen.

Space is limited, there is no cost, this is a seasonal event and this one is free:

“ Wives with Knives”
is The Good Stuff

The first 20 to register by emailing Joe@defazioscatering.com will be given a choice of a FREE PAIRING KNIFE ( the exact replica of the one that I use to carve vegetables into flowers and to flute mushrooms) or a grown from seed ORGANIC BASIL PLANT a perfect start for your herb garden.

For more information on DeFazio’s Catering, please visit our website or fan us on facebook.

More Than One Madness

March madness is of course basketball time, and it is a fun time for college basketball fans. DeFazio’s has been fortunate to have been selected to cater the commissioner’s suite, the media the players and sponsors over the years. This year we are proud to be back in the commissioner’s suit. We will provide lots of fun food and interesting Hors D’oeuvres for all the VIP s that attend.

The other Madness is Mardi Gras and New Orleans is one of my very favorite places to eat.

The mere mention of Mardi Gras can inspire many of us to blacken something, whip up a po-boy and spend Sunday slow cooking a file gumbo. If you have been to New Orleans then you know exactly what I mean. After two plus decades of professional foodie ism It is my opinion that New Orleans is in the top 3 cities in this country for food, not just Cajun food or spicy food but all food. Oysters, to benyets, street side lucky dogs, fried bayou catfish, chicory coffee, pralines and all the perfectly blended seasoning and spices make this town and region truly delicious. New Orleans is made up of Italians, French, African, American Indians, Irish , Germans, Greeks, Croatians, Spanish, Cubans and Filipinos all of whom have contributed to a flavors that are unequalled anywhere else in the world.

The food is truly gutsy full flavored and I love to cook it almost as much as I like to eat it. Join me and my “Wives with Knives” and we’ll make “the good stuff!”

PS: I have CAA tickets for my “Wives with Knives” send an email to joe@defazioscatering.com, tell me you favorite New Orleans restaurant or recipe and you could win tickets to your choice of games!!

For more information on DeFazio’s Catering, please visit our website or fan us on facebook.

Presents…who doesn’t like presents??

How about those presents; does anyone not love to get presents? I thought so!

And for my “Wives with Knives”…. do I have a present for you!

At our first meeting of the year everyone gets a free stainless steel garnishing knife. The exact knife that my chefs and I use to carve carnations out of red beets and turn turnips into roses and so much more.  What’s more… we are going to teach you simple garnish techniques. This class is free to the first 25 to sign up. Just go to our web site and click on “I want to play in the kitchen with Joe.”

Now where was I…. oh yes, presents…

The present that makes you laugh, cry, scream, squeal and totally run up a 7 digit cell phone bill. Calling people you know intimately and those you’ve exchanged glances with at Starbucks.  Everyone who is dying to hear all the romantic details of your engagement.  For those newly banded, bubbly beauties that answered the life altering question of all questions in the affirmative. I say Bona fortuna e due!

Now …..

How can we help? Give us your questions – we’ve got answers and they’re FREE! From recipes to receptions, tux’s to tulips, soup to nuts, how much wine, what food goes with what wine, should it be just wine and beer or full bar?  How do I deal with my vegan friends??  And a bazillion more including what it will Cost. No problem, just call us.

Thanks for stopping by… Joe.

For more information on DeFazio’s Catering, please visit our website or fan us on facebook.