National Barbecue & Salad Month

May is national barbecue month and national salad month. The warmer weather and sunshine bring us outdoors for grilling and barbecuing, along with eating a little bit lighter foods like salad, fruit and vegetables. May is the perfect time to get outdoors and start grilling up foods like steak, hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs and chicken, along with vegetables like potatoes, corn on the cob and kebabs of mushrooms, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Add a little barbecue sauce to your chosen meat to add some flavor and spice. Barbecue pork sandwiches are another great option to make during this time of year. Keep your recipes light and simple but with lots of flavor to enhance the taste of your meal. DeFazio’s offers complete dinners in Richmond, VA, as well as catering service and box lunches for any occasion.

You can make a salad as a side or as a meal in and of itself. Make a light and delicious spring salad with some fruit, lettuce, nuts and raspberry dressing. Add some diced chicken and pile on ingredients like fruits, vegetables, cheese and nuts to make a meal out of a salad. There’s no wrong way to make a salad, just add the good stuff you like and top with a creamy dressing for a healthy and light meal or snack.

The next time you need some barbecue, grilling or salad think of DeFazio’s Catering for your next social occasion, whether it’s a buffet luncheon, corporate party, graduation party, holiday party or wedding catering you need, we’ve got it covered!

Cinco de Mayo Food & Festivities

Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May, is a celebration that includes Mexican food, music, decorations and fun. Food suggestions for this fun holiday include Mexican foods like chips, salsa and queso, fajitas, tacos, burritos, margaritas, daiquiris, mojitos, chimichangas, churros, Mexican salad and five layer dip. Mexican food is known for its spice and incredible flavor filled foods.

A favorite dish loved by many is sizzling beef or chicken fajitas with onions, peppers, lots of spice and flour tortillas. It’s an easy meal to fix and will satisfy the appetite of guests and yourself at your Cinco de Mayo party. Grab some chips, salsa, queso and pile on the veggies in your fajita while sipping on a daiquiri all during this fiesta celebration with friends, family or co-workers.

Speaking of parties and celebrations we cater all different kinds of special events all year round! If you’re throwing a Cinco de Mayo party or any other kinds of special events, whether at home, work or a special location, we would love to help you plan it and provide mouth watering food for your special event. DeFazio’s can provide catering no matter what the occasion or location, whether it’s a buffet, luncheon, graduation party, wedding, holiday or corporate party. Don’t forget that we also provide everyday box lunches and complete dinner’s right here in and throughout Richmond, Virginia.

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Tackle Some Fun

For all you girls that are not exactly enthusiastic fans and are tired of football, well get ready, it won’t be long until the last super bowl commercial is aired. Until then be a sport (or not) and enjoy the kitchen. Really it’s been three weeks and so far your diet and new exercise routine are going as planed- RIGHT? Sure they are and what’s more  you deserve a treat for your stick-to-it-tive-ness.

May I suggest that for all those friends that you just could not hook up with during the holidays and for the sister-in-law that you emailed by mistake sharing how your shrink for understands your crazy in- laws; or for the neighbor that’s always inviting you to parties and you haven’t reciprocated I say …..LET’S PARTY!

The playoffs and the divisional and the Super Bowl itself are perfect times to really have fun in the kitchen.  It’s the perfect time to experiment, create, try something you have never done before. Forget about the way over done 97 layer dip that after the first 3 people dig in it begins to resemble an unpleasant excretion of a zoo animal. Yuk. Now you can take some of the ingredients (not all 97) and create a dish that will get you “touch- down cheers”.

Try taking the black beans and drain them.  Splash on a little rice wine vinegar and some fresh cilantro on them.  Meanwhile open a bag of frozen corn and sprinkle it with oil. Mix it around and sprinkle it with cumin, white pepper and shove in a hot oven (400) for 15 minutes or so. Bring it out while it’s still hot and toss with your beans and serve it with those little scooper thingies.

Who said wings? Got to have ‘em ? Alright, but promise you won’t get them from the wing store! PLEASE.. you can do much better and may even make them slightly less artery filling. Costco and Sam’s both have packages of wings, real wings that have not been messed with. Plain, natural, large, meaty, inexpensive wings just waiting for you. Let’s grill ‘em!  Come on we talked about this last week. I know it’s cold. Football is cold.  Don’t be chicken (LOL).  All you have to do is heat some sauce BBQ, Asian or mustard, you decide, and let your guests dip to their heart’s content.

Grilling wings is easy and you can do them ahead of time or during the game. Here we go.. wash them good and toss them in a large bowl with oil (save the virgin, 1oo% olive oil will do just fine). Season with kosher salt and lots of black pepper.  I like to grill and smoke at the same time.  A few hickory or apple or even oak chips soaked in water for 30 minutes will add a distinct flavor and it’s so easy. The trick here is once the wings get going chances are you in for a flair-up. That’s when we move them to the other side of the grill and use indirect heat and partly covered so the smoke engulfs them.

Send me your football recipes.  If I like them,  if they are unique,  if they are “The Good Stuff,” I’ll bring you and your co-workers lunch to your office!

Thanks for stopping by and GO STEELERS!! Joe.

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