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DeFazio’s Catering: Richmond, VA

DeFazio’s Catering is a well-known, highly respected catering company in Richmond, Virginia that has enjoyed much success since 1984. We started with a 48 seat fine dining restaurant on 17th street named Winston Church Hills (later became known as DeFazio’s Church Hill Restaurant). This restaurant was named the best Italian restaurant of the year by the Richmond Times-Dispatch food critic.


All hands on deck in Team Building.

In 1989 we opened DeFazio’s of Innsbrook; it was Richmond’s first open kitchen, complete with a bakery, a banquet room, a large dining room and a giant patio; not to mention the best, friendliest bar in town! In 1990 we were chosen as the Best New restaurant of the year. Both restaurants were very successful. Not only did we have all the perfect components (exceptional food, service, atmosphere, location, etc.) necessary for success; we grew our reputation and our bottom line by catering.

Our present catering facility is centrally located on Tuckernuck Drive in Richmond’s West End, where we provide a variety of services- from delicious box lunches for your next business lunch, to wedding catering for 300+ people- we have catered all kinds of events, and are proud to be one of the most experienced caterers in Richmond, Virginia.

DeFazio’s genre extends far beyond normal catering. We have catered for the PGA, NASCAR, movie companies, television stations, Colonial Downs, to name a few. Brides, box lunches, business meeting and much much more are all part of our repertoire. It’s easy to see that no two days are the same and that we are a company on the move. Other nontraditional aspects of our business include culinary team building, business relationship building and cooking classes which will begin this fall. We work very hard but we also play, as witnessed by our social media driven group we call “Wives with Knives.

Two years ago we acquired “Pick Ups Plus” catering company that specializes in kosher and kosher style cuisine, it’s fun and interesting.

Our Catering Space

Posticino’s, an intimate location for your next event.

Our latest endeavor is called “Posticino” which translated means “little place”. Posticino is connected to our kitchen, and is a perfect venue for parties up to 100 guests. It also serves as my personal restaurant FIX ….once in the business always in the business!


We Love to Cook!